Top 5 Tourist Attractions to Visit in Jakarta

Gedung Kesenian JakartaJakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, the largest archipelago country in the world. This most crowded and polluted city in Indonesia will be technically an entrance for you when first arrived in Indonesia. In spite of its polluted image and any other bad reputations, Jakarta is still interesting for those who are in need to visit some gorgeous and semi-modern places, whether it is for short even long trip. So if you’re already curious about how fun it’s gonna be to take a trip in Jakarta, here are several tourist attractions that will surely catch your attention:


  1. Kota Tua (Old Town), Central Jakarta

Kota TuaKota Tua is an image of how Jakarta looked like in the past, often called as Batavia, located in Central Jakarta and is very easy to reach by major transportations such as bus, angkot, and monorail. You can find very useful information about Jakarta in the past ‘till now, and you’ll immediately understand how it felt to live in Jakarta in the past. Kota Tua is all about history so if you love historical tourism. Some of major tourist destinations you can visit including:

  • Jakarta History Museum (Museum Fatahillah): a former city hall of Batavia (Oud Batavia), constructed in 1710, the most-visited place around Kota Tua.
  • Sunda Kalapa Harbor: a former port that connected Indonesia with the outer world.
  • Bank Indonesia Museum: a former Binnen Hospital, later known as De Javasche Bank in 1828, the pioneer of today’s Bank Indonesia.
  • Art & Ceramics Museum: massive collections of handcrafted art and ceramics from Nusantara, Asia, even Europe.
  • Red Shop (Toko Merah): a former house of VOC’s Governor, Baron Van Imhoff, who was also the one who built the Bogor’s Castle. You have to get exclusive permission to visit it because it’s not open for everyone.
  • Explore Kota Tua with Sepeda Onthel: you can explore Kota Tua with sepeda onthel (vintage-style bike) that’s available to anyone and can be obtained anywhere around Kota Tua, usually in front of Museum Fatahillah.
  1. National Monument (Monas), Central Jakarta

MonasThe most popular landmark in Jakarta is National Monument. Built in the era of President Sukarno, National Monument was originally built as pride to nation who just established themselves as a free nation, to commemorate the struggle for Indonesian independence. Located in Central Jakarta, to get there, you just simply have to ride a busway (public transportation). With the height of 132 meters, you can find the Flame of Independence at the top of it made with 14.5 tons of bronze. Monas has a lift to the viewing platform, to view nearby views 115 metres above ground level. You can visit museum or simply admire the architecture.

  1. Ancol Dream Park

Ancol Dream ParkRight on the coast you can visit Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (Ancol Dream Park), consists of a themepark Dunia Fantasi (Fantasy World), Atlantis Water Adventure, Seaworld, Gelanggang Samudra (Ocean Park), and Fantastic Multimedia. But the beach around is already polluted so we think it is best avoided. Nearby you can find some resorts, fancy hotels, restaurants, and great views.


  1. Jakarta Arts Theater (Gedung Kesenian Jakarta)

The works of local and foreign artists are often displayed here, you can also watch the performance of the artists. Gedung Kesenian Jakarta has a Neo-Renaissance structure, restored and arranged meticulously, and has been there long time ago. It also has been conserved and now become one of the proud landmarks around Jakarta. For you who love arts, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta should be on your list.


  1. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is touted as a miniature of Indonesian cultures and heritages. You can admire the whole Indonesian culture from here, whether it’s Javanese, Balinese, Bataknese, Papuanese, etc. Indonesia has over 30 provinces with culture representatives from each province, and about 250 cultures will be presented at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.


Kota Tua MuseumOther tourist attractions that should catch your attention including: Jungleland Sentul City, Indonesia’s National Gallery, Lubang Buaya, Museum Wayang (Puppet Shadow Museum), Kota Intan Drawbridge, Fish Market and Maritime Museum, Pasar Baru (New Market) Istiqlal Mosque and Cathedral Church (the symbols of religious harmony in Indonesia), etc.


If you decide to visit Jakarta, you’ll likely get stuck in the terrible traffic, therefore you should make use of the available and different transportations such as motorcycle-taxi (ojeg), taxi, monorail, busway, angkot, etc. And make sure to visit some popular clubs and do the shopping.