On Choosing Flights: 5 Tips to Get Better Deals While in Indonesia

Kartika_Airlines_Boeing_737-200_MRDIf you are in Europe, America, or Australia planning to visit Indonesia, the airport you’ll most likely arrive at is either in Jakarta or Bali. If you landed in Bali planning to visit another region nearby, then your best choice might be using a ferry. But you could hop an onward plane to the other islands such as Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Papua, etc. Same goes with airport in Jakarta. Bali itself has several favorite destinations that’ll surely blow your mind. If you plan to see more attractions in this largest archipelago, you can always find flights to venture wherever you want.

Why Would I Use Plane to Explore Indonesia?

Indonesia is an archipelago country, as you know, it consists of thousands of both big and small islands. You can use ferries or bus, but to save your time, air transport is the best choice available. Major islands in Indonesia are already connected to one another, so flying is always the faster and reliable way to venture anywhere in Indonesia.

Get into some best choices available, you might find it kinda intimidating to choose one among the best. So to help you out on choosing flights to explore Indonesia, here are the 5 best tips to get better deals on choosing flights:

  1. Find Only the Best Online Booking Site

There are various local online booking sites that offer best deals for each domestic flight. Judging from the amount, it will be difficult to choose which site offers the less in price. Some of the best and well-known providers are Tiket.com, Traveloka.com, NusaTrip.com, Tiket2.com, and each of the airline company’s website such as AirAsia, Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, etc. Our recommendation is to check them all and compare each price.

  1. Frequently Check the Price

Note that major Indonesian online booking sites use cookies and cache of your browser and if they detect that you are frequently checking the price on their websites, they’ll likely increase the price. So we recommend you to clear your browsing data/history if you find this issue. That way you can keep watching the price until it’s lowered.

  1. Book Right Away

You have to understand that Indonesia’s flight industry is as busy as ever. Millions of people use air transport each day and find the available ticket at specific date will be difficult, no matter how expensive the price. It will surely more difficult to find good price to book, so if you find one, just book right away! It’s not a suggestion it’s a command. There’s no better option than to book your ticket right away after seeing a good price.

  1. Determine the Currency

Several local booking departments, either online or offline, will not accept other currencies but Rupiah. They won’t accept foreign credit card as well. Official airline company’s website, such as state-operated airline Garuda Indonesia, can be your best choice to book ticket with your current currency, or you can simply convert the currency into Rupiah and buy online or offline. Using local currency often cheaper, and it’s more flexible to book both online and offline.

  1. Avoid Peak Season

Everyone knows every product’s price will be increased at peak season and Indonesia is no exceptional, especially in the term of flight ticket price. We recommend to book ticket long before the D-Day like four months to a year before your departure. Major airlines usually offer good prices as promotions, as well as a way to get your attention to visit Indonesia, even if you choose holiday season as your departure date, you’ll still get the best deal. In peak season the prices will usually go high 30% to 50%. So avoid booking your ticket between peak season.

Bonus Tip:

Try to subscribe to local online sites to monitor the best deals right on your inbox. The official airline websites usually offer this way to catch your attention, so keep watching for best deals.