Local Transport in Bali

Bali is a large island surrounded by small islands as part of it, so based on its dense size, there are various kinds of public transportations you can use from bus to boat. It’s surely not so difficult to find any public transportations, and yet the most common way to hit the roads is by riding a bus. Bali is not supported with train, at least not yet at this very time, but soon you can ride on a train as well. By far, the cheapest and easiest way to travel around Bali is by buses, separately divided into mini-buses such as bemos and colts even angkot’s, but you can afford to hire a car with or without a private driver to drive privately on the roads, getting yourself out off the crowded on public bus.

As we already said above, there are various types of public transports you can use on the go. Several of which are summarized below:

Land Transportation


Similar to taxi, but you get a lift on a motorbike, can be found anywhere to take you everywhere inside the island. The price is not fixed or metered like common taxi, it is negotiable, and usually fairly cheap. It is also faster than common buses or taxis in general, especially at rush hour when the roads are too crowded. The good thing about Ojek is you can hire the driver for a day or by the hour, or you can hire him to take you to a place and pay on-cash after dropping you off to your destination. If you cannot afford to rent a motorbike at any motorbike hire companies in Bali, you can ask him to rent his motorbike and you can ride the motorbike all by yourself privately.


Well, taxi is available anywhere and the most-used public transportation by tourists. It is also the most convenience public transport in the island. Compared to some other countries, either metered or chartered ones are relatively cheaper. In Bali, be sure to only pick official taxis such as Blue Birds, Express Trasindo Utama, Royal City Taxi, Gamya, etc. Taking taxi carelessly will get yourself ripped off for sure.


Most locals use buses as their most favorable public transport. Normal bus is bigger than angkot, bemo, bajaj and other mini-buses. Bus is available throughout the whole island so it’s relatively easy to find, even you can have it drop you off at any corners of the roads. But angkot, bemo or bajaj are perhaps more flexible than common bus.

Becak, Dokar, and any other Traditional Transportations

Some other traditional transportations like becak and dokar can be found in Lombok Island, the neighbouring island of Bali, but can still be seen around major cities in Bali like Denpasar. Though it’s uncommon for most, you can enjoy any other traditional transportations as part of your travelling in Bali.


You have wide range of choices when it comes to rentals. Even bicycle is available for rent. Many from motorbike, car of any types, even Ojek can be hired individually if you can fulfill all the requirements especially if you want to drive privately by yourself. In many cases, Ojek is the most easiest vehicle to rent because you only need to find one around the island, which is very easy to find down the road, and negotiate about the term and price without any puzzling requirements.

Sea Transportation

Traditional fishing boats at Bali and Lombok, IndonesiaPelni, run by the government itself, single-handedly maintains the sea transportation which can be used to cross to any other nearby islands like Nusa Penida and Lombok. You can even cross to any major islands such as Java and Kalimantan, but it would take a long time to arrive. Local cruises are the most convenient transports to choose to explore the sister islands of Bali, especially if you want to enjoy the marine activities.

Air Transportation

You’re gonna need to use air transport to explore long-distance destination from or to Bali. Various commercial airlines both international and domestics are available with affordable price.