Dieng Plateau, Central Java: A Land above the Clouds

Have you ever heard about Dieng? Dieng plateau is more commonly called “A land above the clouds” giving you a fascinating view when you stroll around there. Dieng plateau takes place among Wonosobo district (Dieng Wetan) and Banjarnegara district (Dieng Kulon), Central Java, Indonesia. A reason why it is called so because this plateau is in 2,000 meters height from the sea level and is always covered by clouds. For those who are around will feel that they are above celestial and also see cumulus underneath foot of the mountains surrounding them.

It is not only the nickname that impresses you but also its uniquenesses that fulfill your hunger towards this magical place. These are the uniquenesses that differ Dieng with other plateaus around the world:

  1. The second largest plateau inhabited by human-beings after Tibet

You can find out many articles saying that Dieng plateau is the second largest plateau inhabited by human-beings after Tibet. In my personal opinion, it is a fair share since the fact is that many people resettled from densely populated villages to a secluded place like Dieng to run their new lives. Most of people are farmers planting veggies, fruits, herbs, and etc. One of the most popular veggies coming from Dieng is potato. Its potatoes are totally different from other potatoes produced in other villages in term of size and quality. So no wonder, potato chips from Dieng are the most wanted gifts.

  1. There are snows in Dieng, don’t you believe it?

As stated before, since Dieng is located in 2,000 meters height above sea level so do not ever question how cold the weather is. For Asians especially that are used to live in tropical weather wearing gloves, shocks, and double jacket is a must because the friendly weather only starts from 11.00 am to 02.00 pm and despite that you will be freezing. In July – August, the temperature can become lower. As reported in July 2015, the temperature decreased to -1 Celsius degree in the morning and was at 10 – 15 Celsius degree in the afternoon. Low temperature in the morning brought out frosts where locals always name it “bun upas”. The thickness of the bun upas can be 0.5 cm though! so no need to travel far to Canada to see the frost. LOL

  1. Children with dreadlocks hair are not fans of reggae. They are special!

First thing first comes out when you hear about dreadlocks hair is reggae, isn’t it?

Usually, dreadlocks hair identically refers to reggae, but it has another terminology in Dieng. Children with dreadlocks hair are special children meaning that they only get their hair cut if they want to do so. If they have no intention to get it cut, so do not ever try to do it. It is prohibited! When they have got it cut so the hair will grow normally without any dreadlocks. There are several rules to get it cut, careless is strictly unallowed. Parents of the children will have to hold some special ceremony if they do not want their children to get ill. Early in the morning, the parents must ask some desires of their children to be fulfilled and the parents have to make sure they can grant it. If not, the rite should be postponed. Recently, the hair cutting rite has been organized massively and become tourism attraction because it is cheap. The hair cutting rite can be seen annually on Dieng Culture Festival every August.

  1. Dieng provides you with some various adventures in a one place

If you want a complete adventure in one package so Dieng plateau should be on your top list of destinations. It not only offers you to hike magnificent mountains around Central Java but also thrills your eyes by seeing beautiful lakes in different colours. Some mountains that are on the list are mount Prau (2,565 m – better known as camping place and right place to see beautiful sunrise as well as meadow), mount Sikunir (2,463 m – perfect spot for watching golden sunrise). A little bit far apart, there are mount Sumbing (3,387 m), mount Sindoro (3,150 m), and mount Pakuwaja (2,595 m).

Let’s move to other charming places, it is Telaga Warna lake that always reflects red, green, blue and violet colour. Moreover, it is Telaga Pengilon lake located alongside Telaga Warna lake but this Telaga is more like a mirror and clear. There are still many other Telaga such Telaga Dringo lake, Telaga Merdada lake, Telaga Cebong lake, and Telaga Nila lake. Somewhere else to go are some popular volcanic craters like Sikidang crater, Candradimuka crater, Sibanteng crater, Sileri crater, Sinila crater, Timbang crater, and Sikendang crater. Talking about mount, lake, and crater is not enough. We have another one to be explained, it is about cave. In Dieng plateau, you will find some caves where the locals still put their belief on it. They are Semar cave, Jaran cave, and Sumur Jalatunda cave. We have not been finished yet, LOL, Dieng plateau has also historical side on Hinduism culture. There is Hinduism complex established in 7th century accommodating several temples such as Arjuna temple, Gatotkaca temple, Bima temple, Semar temple, Sembadra temple, Srikandi temple, Setyaki temple, and the last Dwarawati temple.

Finally, we come to an end of this chapter. Those are some attractive places that you must visit when you are around but If you are tired of exploring the places and hungry, don’t worry, Dieng has food vendors that help entertain your tongue with distinctive taste and excite your appetite. Now, pack your bag and go for travel!