Air Travel in Indonesia: When to Choose to Fly and Which Airline to Use?

airlines in indonesiaEven though there are several horrible issues covering air travel around Asia, especially in Indonesia, you should not be too afraid when you choose airplane to explore the continent. In Indonesia itself, it was cracking down on air travel with over 40 flight accidents since 2001, and scored about 60% for “airworthiness” according to UN report in May 2014. But that doesn’t mean Indonesia isn’t safe for air travel anymore. Many are improved since AirAsia incident in 2014. Moreover, Indonesia is an archipelago country, the largest in the world, so you might not have many choices in choosing the right transport to explore island-by-island rather than airplane.

Indonesia’s Aviation Industry has Expanded Rapidly

Indonesia’s aviation industry has expanded rapidly in the past decade or so following the new low-cost airline companies entered the industry, loved by most people in Indonesia. It may be helpful in terms of budget, but it could make much trouble because the airports are always busy, busy as ever, day to date, even in the remote area. The most annoying thing, some major airlines will most likely get trapped in the tight schedule, making it really possible to pending the flight. But in any way, you can still enjoy the flight tho’.

When to Choose to Fly?

The situation you’re in will be self-explanatory. Sometimes it is the best option when you choose to fly, sometimes it’s not. All will depend on the current weather conditions and any abnormal procedures or situations, especially your current location and where you’re gonna heading to. For most, riding on a bus or sailing with a ferry is the best option when you’re not too far away from your next destination. Especially if the weather is bad enough to choose to fly. Two to Five days will be enough. But, since Indonesia is an archipelago country, flying will the best option you have in your sleeve if you’re planning to explore vast islands. It’s probably the most effective and efficient way to choose. But always beware of the abnormal conditions such as weather or eruption around, choosing to fly should be canceled if you’re hesitate to do so.

What airline to use in Indonesia?

garuda indonesia boeing 737With the rapid progression in aviation industry you have various airlines to choose. But you should already be aware that every airline has its own policy and facility, also deficiency. If you’re very tight with your schedule then Garuda Indonesia airline is the best choice. It is very timely and take your comfort and security as the top priorities. They also offer very good facilities for the whole system, just to make sure you get what you deserve. But probably because of that, you have to pay higher to use their service. But it’s all worth it.

If you’re on a budget and prefer to have wide range of choices, then other domestic airlines worth considering. Several of most popular airlines are AirAsia, Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, Batavia Air, Citilink, Wings Air, Republic Express Airlines, etc. We include these major airlines because they offer very affordable price, great facilities, securities, yet comfortable.

Susi Air, on the other hand, offers anti-mainstream flight which will take you to remote areas where it’s relatively difficult to visit through the air. Susi Air has already covered several remote areas around Indonesia, which may interest you to visit, which means it’d be a help for those who want to visit remote regions, but prefer through the air than sea and/or street.

Is It Safe to Fly Around Indonesia?

Well, there’s no absolute answer for this question, and there will never be. The word ‘safe’ itself has no absolute answer. But using airplane to explore Indonesia is most effective and efficient way depending on what situation you’re in, especially where you’re heading next. We wish you a good luck!