7 Things to do in Bali

Unlock the Boredom: 7 Things to do in Bali

Bali perhaps is the most popular destination to visit in Indonesia. You might already know where to go and what to do. Surfing, snorkelling, diving, swimming, drinking, partying, everything related to beach is fun and yet there are several destinations to go and activities to do that are still interesting to do in Bali. To unlock the boredom, here are 7 things to do in Bali that you can’t miss during your trip.


Indulge Your Vision by Watching the Sunsets

Watching the Sunsets in Bali

As a prime tourist destination, Bali surely has it all to cover your trip. One of which is to watch sunsets from spectacular spots, from perching high atop of a cliff, at the seashore or even from your hotel’s balcony, you will clearly see the orange sparks reflecting the setting sun everyday during sunset.


Learn more about the famous Kecak Dance Performance

Kecak Dance PerformanceThere are several sea temples in Bali that host Kecak Dance Performance everyday during sunset. While you enjoy watching the sunset, you can also watch the Kecak Dance Performance at one of famous sea temples such as Uluwatu Temple. Crowds will usually gather at a temple to watch the magnificent view of orange ocean during sunset, and at the same moment, you will be served with one of most popular Balinese cultures; the Kecak Dance.

Forget Ordinary Diving by Becoming a Bali Seawalker (Sanur, Denpasar)

Besides very beautiful coastal views, in Sanur around Denpasar, you can enjoy walking through the underwater as a seawalker. Put on your Seawalker helmet and you are all set to walk on the seabed and observe the ocean life while interacting with beautiful sea creatures. It is so easy and efficient because all you have to use is the helmet without carrying some heavy equipments, even a non-swimmer can become a seawalker. You won’t get enough.

Greet the Beasts at Bali Marine and Safari Park

The bat cave, slithered komodo dragons, and any other 60 species of animals will surely amaze you. From benign to vicious animals, simply cute animals even beasts, you can greet them all at Bali Marine and Safari Park. You can ride a tourist bus to explore this 40 ha area and watch how fantastic it is every time the komodo dragons or lions roam below your feet. Want to tame the beasts? Just feeding some piranhas, lions, komodo dragons or have a dinner with tigers. Traditional attractions will accompany you to keep you entertained. Just make sure to take your kids along.

Adventure around the Canyon and Caves

Test your adrenalin with canyoning through thrilling caves, waterfalls and gorges. We bet you will never get enough to test your endurance while enjoying the beauty of wilderness and nature around Ubud, Bali. You can also explore some hidden yet beautiful spots such as The Secret Garden of Sambangan in Sambangan Village, the Waterfall of Peguyangan in Nusa Penida, and Green Cliffs around Undisan Kelod Village, Bangli District.

Enjoy the Buffalo Race (Perancak – Negara)

There are many traditional attractions you can easily find in Bali. It’s maybe a bit boring for you to watch horse race, so it’s time to watch the buffalo race. It is one of so many unique customs Balinese always perform. Buffalo itself is a tradition to celebrate the rice harvest in Bali, usually held between July to early November. There are two major competitions you can enjoy; Governors and Regent Cup, held annually between July to November when it’s time to celebrate rice harvest. Admission is free if you decide to go yourself.

Dive and Visit the Hidden Underwater Temple in Pemuteran

Hidden Underwater Temple in PemuteranBali has a nickname considering of so many temples it hosts, the “Island of Gods”. You can visit numerous temples located all around the region, but the one on the seabed should be on your travelling list. There is an underwater temple hidden under the waves around Pemuteran Village, Singaraja. It was originally constructed as part of conservation programme, but for divers, it is one of a-must visit diving spots in the world. There’s no way you can miss the experience of exploring the temple besides enjoying the natural beauties of underwater.