6 Spectacular Mountains to Conquer in Indonesia

If you think that a tropical country like Indonesia does not have snow, so change your mind immediately. Because you can find out here. As a big country with an incredible view starting from its beaches, seas, lakes, and as well as mountains, Indonesia is the most worth visiting country on the planet. Can you imagine all the elements are only in a one country? It is amazing! It is more like one-stop-shopping store, once you come in then you get everything that you want. Don’t get me wrong but that is the truth. For beach freaks, you can come especially to the eastern part of Indonesia to see the outstanding view of beaches and seas. For those who love hiking mountains, there are lots of mountain to be conquered. Now, we are talking about some spectacular and also the highest mountains in Indonesia:

  1. Mount Jaya Wijaya / Carstensz Pyramid (Papua)

The highest pyramid on this island is also the highest in Indonesia stated as one of Seven Summit in 7 continents in the world, that is Carstensz pyramid with 4,884 m height above sea level. Carstensz pyramid is in the mountain region of Jaya Wijaya on 04º03’48″LS 137º11’09″BT which is limestone and there are eternal snowfields in particular areas. It is accessible from Ilaga village.

  1. Mount Kerinci (Jambi)

Mount Kerinci placed in Jambi province is the highest mountain in Sumatra island, and the second highest mountain in Indonesia after mount Jaya in Papua. You can access the mountain through Padang and take road trip to get there and only 130 km from southern Padang. Mount Kerinci is the highest volcano in Indonesia with 3,805 m height above sea level and has cone-shaped craters with yellowish green water in it. Beautiful view will surely be seen when you reach the pyramid but be careful because this mountain is still active and the last time it exploded in 1970.

  1. Gunung Rinjani (West Nusa Tenggara)

Lombok is not only well-known because its beautiful beaches but also its extraordinary view from the top of mount Rinjani. The mountain is located in northern Lombok with 3,726 m height above sea level. Hinduism people believe that there is a holy place at the Rinjani pyramid where gods live. Caldera will be found at 2,000 m above sea level shaping Segara Anak lake. There is an active mountain called mount Barujari in the middle of the lake and also a source of hot spring where people look for a cure while Segara Anak lake is used for a place to fish.

  1. Mount Semeru (East Java)

You will wonder, what is the highest mountain in Java then the answer is mount Semeru. Mount Semeru is the highest mountain in java as well as the third highest volcano in Indonesia with 3,676 m height above sea level . It takes place in Tengger mountain region and is right neighbouring with mount Bromo. Hikers will be surprised and also amazed since there is volcanic eruption every ten minutes coming from Jonggring Saloko crater. Other than that, you will pass by Ranu Kumbolo lake in the middle of hiking trails that gives you another beautiful thing to remember.

  1. Mount Latimojong / Rante Mario Pyramid (South Sulawesi)

The highest mountain on this island goes to Latimojong mountain where Rante Mario pyramid is the pyramid with 3,430 m height above sea level. This mountain is placed in Enrekang district, South Sulawesi province on 120°01’30″ BT – 03°23’01″ LS. It is not volcano. Hikers can get there through Karangan village.

  1. Mount Binaiya (Maluku)

Mount Binaiya is the highest mountain in Ambon, Maluku precisely on Seram island with 3,027 m height above sea level and on 3° 10′ LS and 129° 28′ BT geographical position. Besides that, this mountain has two pyramids, 3,019 m and 3,011 m above sea level. Mount Binaiya is at Manusela National Park with 189,000 ha width.

Put all your hesitation away, start visiting and of course start hiking!