5 Destinations to Visit Around Bandung, West Java

5 Destinations to Visit Around Bandung, West Java

In addition to Bali or Jakarta, Bandung has major tourism destinations you should visit. Bandung can cover all your travelling needs, and it definitely should be on your list. Whether it’s culinary trip, cultural, nature, adventure, or historical buildings, even nature-themed places to stay just to relax, Bandung has them all. If you hate the climate in Jakarta because it’s too hot and polluted, then you will definitely love Bandung. In here you can find major attractions such as semi-modern cafes, Bandung City Tour travel bus, etc but you’ll love all 5 destinations we recommend in this article. So take a look on each of this list:

1. Dig Into Indonesian Version of Christmas Island: Stone Garden, Padalarang

Stone Garden, PadalarangYou won’t find it often in a big city, but you can find such artistic stones in Stone Garden, Padalarang, Western Bandung Regency. It feels like being in Christmas Island once you step your foot into this area. It is believed that there was an ancient lake covered this area, even a sea ever existed around this area that made some seashells embedded into several rocks. Yeah, we heard you, it sounds impossible but it’s true. You can find seashells embedded into rocks, though this Stone Garden itself is located in the highland. Around Stone Garden, you can also visit Goa Pawon (Pawon Cave) just several minutes from the entrance, where you can find a cave that contains many ancient human bones.


2. Tebing Keraton: Cloud in the Morning

Tebing KeratonTebing Keraton gains its popularity from time to time ‘till today as one of a-must visit destinations in Bandung. At Tebing Keraton you can enjoy cozy atmosphere while watching the haze hits the pines. You’ll definitely be in love with the atmosphere Tebing Keraton offers. Located around Dago and Taman Hutan Raya Ir. Juanda, not too far from the heart of Bandung City, you can reach Tebing Keraton relatively easy.

3. The Mystical Lake of Kawah Putih, Ciwidey

There was a story about every flying creatures would die when flying above a crater lake. Kawah Putih is a very magnificent travelling site every traveller should visit once they step into Bandung. It is a remnant of Mount Patuha which erupted centuries ago, formed into a beautiful lake that ‘smokes’ white cloud. You can find crystal blue waters, changes according to the weather conditions. Thus you can also find unique vegetations.


4. Angklung and Other Traditional Orchestras: Saung Angklung Mang Udjo

Saung Angklung Mang UdjoIf you love Indonesian cultures, show the love to Indonesian traditional orchestras such as angklung and any other traditional instruments at Saung Angklung Mang Udjo. If you’re one of those who are looking for educational culture-related entertainment in Bandung, then this place should be included on your list. You can spend your time learning how to play angklung the proper way, or simply watch the performance on how good the orchestra is when combined with traditional dances and other attractions.



5. Connect with Deers at a Camping Site: Ranca Upas, Ciwidey

Ranca Upas, CiwideyIf you have time to visit Kawah Putih, then you should have time to visit Ranca Upas as well. They both are not too far away from one another, Ranca Upas Camping Ground is also located in Ciwidey. You can set up a tent to pass several days at Ranca Upas while feeding friendly deers around. If you plan to set up a tent but don’t bring any, you can rent camping equipment from nearby shops. And yes, you can also do various outdoor activities at this site.

In addition to visit some places to relax around Bandung, you can also enjoy several themed cafes and shops, Sundanese foods, historical buildings, and various magnificent spots. Just make sure to decide which place you’re gonna visit first once you arrived in Bandung, because there are so many amazing places to visit around.