10 Quick Tips to Travel in Indonesia

indonesiaUnlike any other countries around like Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand, you’ll find it a bit tough because English is not casually used in Indonesia. And you have to travel with quite of a distance because most regions in Indonesia are separated with islands, seas of course, highlands, etc. And you have to get used to with the foods, customs, etc. Not everything can be done without getting an attention from locals around, so learn everything about the custom might be very useful. For more, here are 10 quick tips to travel in Indonesia.

  1. Don’t target Jakarta for your arrival. Instead, try Bali. Jakarta is much tougher than Bali, so use it for “a farewell party” before going home.
  2. By using metered taxis such as Blue Bird, Silver Bird, etc, you can avoid from being ripped off and save much of your money. Unofficial taxis will often charge very expensive price especially for foreigners.
  3. Not every street foods are clean and hygienic. Take care of your health by looking for mid-class eateries around. Many local eateries are verified by Indonesia National Agency of Drug and Food Control nowadays.
  4. Make use of various public transportations such as buses, Trans-Jakarta, taxis, angkot, ojeg, becak, ferries, boats, planes, train and monorail, etc. You won’t get enough.
  5. Make sure to bring International Driving and Motorcycle Licence if you intend to rent a car or motorbike. When driving, also bring a complete document to avoid fines.
  6. Prepare you anti-biotics, anti-malaria etc from your country. It’s not cheaper in Indonesia.
  7. To save money, look for accommodations on arrival. Also, don’t forget to convert your money into local currency right away to avoid bigger taxes.
  8. Learn Bahasa Indonesia, in most cases it will save your money, save your time, and especially save your life whenever you need quick helps. Indonesian are friendly, so the toughest thing you may face in the future is how to communicate with them when you’re in need of helps. Believe us, they’ll surely help you right away. Learning Bahasa Indonesia is not that difficult.
  9. Get your gadgets all set for better navigation, local information, things to see, how to getting around, etc. But don’t forget to buy local SIM Card because WiFi is not available at every spot.
  10. Beware of the road conditions, pickpockets, and any other illegal purposes. Use pedestrian bridge if available, walk on semi-crowded street, keep your important belongings close to you, and beware of the passing train.


Top Things to Do Around:

  1. Major cities such as Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Medan, Surabaya, etc seem have unlimited attractions to see and to do.
  2. For most popular destination you can just relax in Bali, enjoy the beach life, enjoy the culture and religious sites such as temples, etc. Other things to do is have a party with locals, watching sunset from atop of a cliff, drink original alcohols, watching cultural performance such as Balinese dances, buffalo race etc.
  3. Dive in Bali, Raja Ampat (Papua), Bunaken, and Gili Islands. You won’t get enough with the fun and experiences.
  4. Hike in several volcanoes such as Mount Semeru (East Java), Mount Sumbing, Sindoro, and Slamet (Central Java), Mount Ciremai (West Java), and don’t forget to visit the highest point of Indonesia at the top of eternal snow of Mount Cartenz, Papua.
  5. See Komodo Dragons at Komodo Island in West Nusa Tenggara.
  6. Explore magnificent temples of Prambanan and Borobudur around Central Java.
  7. Watch the epic views of morning sunrise at Mount Bromo, Bromo-Tengger Semeru National Park, East Java.
  8. Feel the old Jakarta at Kota Tua (Old Town) located in Central Jakarta.
  9. Get to know more about the purest Javanese language and culture in Yogyakarta.
  10. Or simply have fun with indigenous floras and animals around Bali, Sumatera, Papua, Kalimantan, and Nusa Tenggara Islands.